David Schatsky: Cookie Grumbling

My old college chum David Schatsky says that Jupiter is right and I am wrong about the cookie statistic (40% of American net users delete their cookies every month, with a significant percentage doing it every day). Hey, there are some states where people don’t even brush their teeth that often.

I will happily stand corrected if Jupiter is that sure of the data. What’s fascinating though is that among all the mail I got from my sophisticated reader base, not one person wrote in to tell me she deletes her cookies daily.

Jeff Jarvis (BuzzMachine … by Jeff Jarvis) thought it might be automated software that’s automatically doing the work. One writer (nameless) thinks it’s people covering their porn tracks. I think it might be survey design and people saying they do something they don’t really do.

Link: David Schatsky: Cookie Grumbling.