Nonsense, marketing and gullible doctors

Don’t tell me that marketing isn’t the most powerful force since nuclear fission.

The real question is this: would you go to see a doctor who wears a titanium necklace because his favorite baseball players do–and because he believes it helps him surf better?

Faith is an enormously powerful tool. And one that’s easy to misuse, apparently.

Performance-Enhancing Jewelry Knocking ‘Em Out of the Park – New York Times.

Clayton Everline, 27, of Short Hills, N.J., has been wearing a titanium necklace since friends recommended it a few years ago. "Every time I wear the necklace or another Phiten accessory, I do perform better," said Mr. Everline, a third-year resident at St. Michael’s Medical Center in Newark. "I surf and lift weights. I attribute my improvement in those activities to Phiten."