Clueless in your world…

…doesn’t mean clueless everywhere.

Brian pointed me to  Wal-Mart – The HUB (School Your Way). The site is about what you’d expect… a sort of lame knock off of youtube and myspace. A Disney version of what makes the web exciting to a lot of people.

But not to all people.

Just because some folks will look at it and sneer doesn’t mean it won’t work. Some people want a clean, well-lit, orderly environment, even online. Wal-Mart has thrived by trying to sell mass to the masses. It’s okay with them that we can’t find an adapter for our new Treo there. Or a copy of the latest edgy magazine.

The early adopters out there will push, and often push hard, for you to market to them. Sometimes that’s a great idea (after all, they’re listening!). But as Wal-Mart has successfully demonstrated, the middle of the market is a very profitable place as well.