The most important meal of the day

Who decides the rhythm of your day? When are you at your best, when do you drag?

In the old days, when we worked on the assembly line or even in sync at the office or at school, there were good reasons to adopt the timing that was assigned to us.

But perhaps it makes sense to take control and listen and notice and work with our patterns, not against them.

High school students perform better when the school day starts later. So let’s organize around that.

If a workout at noon makes your afternoon more effective, it’s hard to see why you need to do it at 5 am in a world that’s digital and more asynchronous than ever before.

If your day is better if your first interactions are positive ones, why not organize a daily call with peers with nothing but that in mind?

And even if your schedule isn’t completely up to you, you might get to decide when to tackle mindless chores and when to work on the creative elements of the new plan. When to read blog posts and when to write them. You may get to decide when to have meetings that challenge your intellect vs. those that require patience…

And yes, we even get to decide what to eat for breakfast. Tony the Tiger notwithstanding.