So many accidents

The ones we notice are the negative ones. The time we slipped and hurt our knee, or the lingering illness that won’t go away. The gig we didn’t get, or the friend who is afraid or lonely.

But we’re surrounded by positive accidents as well, too many to mention. And often, we forget to mention them.

To be born when and where we were. To have people who give us the benefit of the doubt. To have a chance to read and to speak and to connect. To be surrounded by opportunities that others never even dreamed of.

And then, given those opportunities, the efforts expended and the care extended. The belief we have in others, the smile we offer or the contributions we make. All toward community and possibility.

I heard from two of my oldest friends yesterday, as well as from a dozen new ones. I met each of them accidentally. Every event opens the door for another one.

So many things to be thankful for. Accidents included.

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