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The Fall Workshops at Akimbo

To help you plan your learning for the rest of the year, here’s what’s upcoming from Akimbo.

The Podcast Fellowship launches on August 6, 2019.

The Story Skills Workshop has a private invite-only beta beginning August 27.

The Bootstrapper’s Workshop starts on September 10.

The Marketing Seminar begins September 24.

The Freelancer’s Workshop is October 15.

And we’ll be running the altMBA in October.

You can find out about each of the workshops by clicking the link above. If a workshop isn’t currently running, please hit the TELL ME MORE button on each page and sign up for updates so we can alert you when it’s ready and help you find the best seminar at the right time.

The Akimbo workshops have changed the lives of more than 14,000 people in 70+ countries. We have a mighty alumni network that engages every day at our private discussion board called Forward Link, and you probably know someone who has been transformed by the work they’ve done with us.

I’m thrilled that we’re up to our fourth podcasting workshop, our third bootstrapper’s, our eighth marketing seminar and our 33rd altMBA. Because it works.