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The Significance Workshop

A cooperative Zoom workshop led by Avaleen Morris.

Can we talk about it?

What’s work for? What do we make? Perhaps we can spend our days feeling more alive, combining creativity, productivity, and meaning…

In my book The Song of Significance, I describe a different way to work together. It’s a manifesto for teams, but it begins with you, with each of us.

Ava has run this workshop a few times, and it has had a powerful impact on the people who have participated. We’d like to invite you to join the next one, being held on October 6, 2023, at 2:00pm New York time.

It takes place via Zoom, but it’s not a class and it’s not a lecture. It’s a cooperative, fast-moving, and interactive workshop in which every single person is engaged and participates.

The method is simple: Ava queues up a short video from me, shares a prompt, and then people join breakout rooms of five or six people to work through the prompt together. Everyone speaks, everyone shares, and everyone leans into possibility.

Enrollment is limited. When it’s full, I’ll update this page and Ava may be able to run another event before the end of the year. Apologies to anyone who isn’t able to enroll this time.

CLICK HERE to sign up. The cost is $195.

Here’s what previous participants have said: