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Why aren’t things better?

As I walked my dog the other day, I passed a house with a ton of trucks outside… They were taking down a huge tree and running it through the mulcher.

I noticed that everyone on the crew wasn’t wearing goggles or other eye protection.

Really? For $5, they could have avoided the most common injury in their profession.

I wrote about this fifteen years ago. In fact, I’ve been writing about this forever.

Why doesn’t the best leader win the election?

Why don’t people buy your amazing product or service?

Why do we eat more unhealthy foods than ever before?

These are not questions about engineering, innovation or resources. They are marketing questions.

We live in a rare moment of time. A moment when individuals can show up, speak up and make things better.

We can make things better by understanding how people work.

We can make things better by doing marketing we’re proud of.

We can make things better by telling stories that resonate.

I’m hoping you’ll consider The Marketing Seminar. A proven way to grow your project. The most effective and successful seminar of its kind, we’ve run it six times already, and it spawned a bestselling book as well.