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Someone way smarter than me…

…will actually understand the articles at knovel.com. All I know is that there is some very serious knowledge exchange going on at this site. (They specialize in helping scientists and engineers communicate technical ideas and access texts and databases.)

It’s stuff like this that’s really allowing the web to change more of the world than we ever thought it would.

Now that copyright is broken…

…can a web organization fix it?

I’m not sure, but this presentation (narrated by the amazing Christopher Lydon) is certainly worth thinking about. “Creative Commons.”.

I happen to think the idea is extremely well presented (when was the last time you saw multimedia done this well? Probably the Kikkoman thing below…) and an interesting thought. What happens when we give authors the ability to grant certain permissions automatically? What happens when we make it easy to unleash the ideavirus without giving away all rights?

Let’s see what happens…

…And then it happens!

One of the coolest things about the fast-moving world of the Net is that you can write about a new idea and then, a few months later, it’s a real thing.

Of course, they didn’t get the idea from me, but it’s nice to see it becoming real.

Today’s New York Times features profiles of two companies A New Tack in Fighting Spam that are fighting spam with a tactic I wrote about on June 19th: Stopping Spam

Now, if I could just figure out how to pick stocks.