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185,000 visits later, an ideavirus hits critical mass

Here’s an example of someone who’s got just about all of the ideavirus buttons in the right place. It’s spreading, and that’s no surprise. The Propaganda Remix Project!

So, how did a chocolate bar turn into a Purple Cow?

Scharffen Berger doesn’t have a chance. They’re tiny. They roast their own beans, create their own nibs, temper their own chocolate… all in a small factory near the San Francisco airport. In a world filled with Hershey bars, how could they possibly compete?

By being remarkable.

Scharffen Berger isn’t for everyone. That’s the point. Chocolate for everyone has already been done. Hershey can’t grow any more. Their new ad campaign isn’t worth a fraction of what they’re spending. Either you seek out Hershey or it’s invisible.

Scharffen Berger, on the other hand, appeals to people who wouldn’t bother with a Hershey Bar. Chocolate fanatics. And chocolate fanatics are always seeking, always searching for something better. And when they find it, they tell their friends.

So, without spending a nickel on advertising, Scharffen Berger is now one of the fastest-growing brands of chocolate in the world. It’s amazing, a symphony for your tongue. You’ll take a taste, realize that you may remember that taste all your life, and then, if you’re like most people with a chocolate otaku, will tell your friends