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It’s not purple if it’s not worth remarking about

But sometimes it’s funny. Origami Boulder Company — Original Origami Gifts!

Breaking news #1

Yahoo! LAUNCH – News: Barry Manilow Breaks His Nose

News tidbit 2

Reuters |Greenspan says, “It’s okay to make mistakes.”

Another voice in the wilderness

The perceptive Richard Pachter sent me a link to a column by Bob Lefsetz. CelebrityAccess > The Lefsetz Letter. He makes so much sense. He’s rational and insightful and he disagrees with Jack Valenti.

Check it out.

Scary reader mail


The difference between information and data

Had a neat argument with someone in Florida yesterday. I believe that there’s an inverse relationship between data and information–the more data we have, the less we know. Consumers can find out just about anything about just about any product or service, but we actually have less insight than we used to.

Some very successful politicians, organizations and corporations have broken through the clutter and succeeded by limiting the amount of data they offer. The result is that people end up with the information the marketer wants them to have.

Harvesting Chickens

The Wall Street Journal had a funny article today about harvesting chickens. Here’s a picture of a great new innovation in farming:


Consumers are not chickens. Business customers are not chickens. The tools for harvesting them (direct mail, TV ads, etc.) are broken.