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The price of wow…

Keeps going up.

Consider the case of Red Sky At Night – Great deals on Helly Hansen, Sperry Top Siders, Sebago Docksides, Teva Sandals, Brass Lamps, Boating Books, Brass Clocks, Ships Bells, Hand Bells, Boat Shoes, Deck Shoes. I ordered some shoes two weeks ago (my son is in a play) and let them know when we needed them by.

The date came and went, and no shoes.


So we had to go out and buy a pair the old-fashioned way. Two days later, the shoes got here. I just got a call from the person who handled our online order, and, unprompted, he refunded all of our money and told us we could keep the shoes.



Worth it? Well, considering that it costs $10 to $200 to get an online customer using various forms of media, and that they just got one for good, yes, it was a good investment.

Like this…

the surprising thing is that the Times (and the rest of the industry) think Particle’s approach is new and novel.

This is the future, folks. The Unorthodox System: First Build a Fan Base, Then Record an Album


Cool News finds the Purple Cow

…in Detroit. reveries – marketing insights and ideas. Here’s an excerpt:
Nissan’s “Carlos Ghosn recently declared that design was now on a part with investment strategy, the most fateful decision a modern corporation can make.”

Indeed, the auto “industry’s economics,” Mr. Jenkins goes on to suggest, “have also become impressively Hollywood-like … Nowadays,” he observes, “any reward for shareholders will have to come from gratuitous profits earned on ‘hot models’ that customers are willing to pay more than a commodity-box price for.” It’s a trend that started with the “retrofusion” of the new Beetle and Chrysler’s PT Cruiser, and continued with “the 2001 Thunderbird, this year’s Chevy SSR and next year’s Ford GT. That pace picked up, Mr. Jenkins suggests, with “the Bauhaus-inspired Audi TT … and a series of Volvo non-boxes inflected with the sensibility of Swedish furniture design.”

March 25th at my office

We’ve got people from the UK, Poland, California and New Jersey coming to my seminar on March 25.

Just wanted to remind you that there’s six seats left. If you’d like to come, drop me a line at sethgodin@yahoo.com and I’ll send you all the details.