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Free Prize Inside

A new brand of underwear?

A funny post/review.

Snark Hunting : Naming Company Names Product Names Business Branding

Godin Plenty: Seth Godin’s follow-up to the best selling Purple Cow has hit the bookstores. Free Prize Inside is about how to create soft marketing add-ons for your product or service, like getting frequent flyer miles when you use a credit card or a “free” toy inside a Happy Meal. The names of his two latest books demonstrate a sense of naming much evolved since the release of his Survival Is Not Enough: Zooming, Evolution, and the Future of Your Company.

The name “Free Prize Inside” works on multiple levels, the key to generating powerful audience engagement. Also emerging, whether consciously or not, is a Godin Naming Architecture. A naming architecture is a set of parameters that govern the naming of future products. A naming architecture can be as simple as Ford’s “begins with ‘e'” strategy of naming its SUVs — Escape, Explorer, Expedition, Excursion — Or it can be more evocative, hence more effective, like what seems to be emerging from Godin’s dome.

Classically, you need three like-minded examples in a row to suss out the naming architecture strategy being rolled out. So at this point it is too early to conclude that the rule guiding the titles Purple Cow and Free Prize Inside is: “Could also be names for a Victoria’s Secret underwear line.” If, for instance, the next title is Nut Case, the rule would be “Could also be names for a Victoria’s Secret OR Calvin Klein underwear line.”

On thinking big…

I just finished giving a talk to a group of 400 high-powered (high-leverage, high-paid) credit card execs. As I left the hotel, I passed a much smaller room, where a seminar for local CPAs was going on.

The snacks didn’t seem as good. The booklets weren’t that interesting either. apparently. But what occurred to me is that the folks in the second room were just as smart and just as talented as the execs in the first room.

The first group was enjoying the benefits of aiming high. They didn’t get these jobs because they were arguably smarter or had better connections or had gone to Harvard. No, they were starting with the same raw materials as the group in the second room. The difference, i think, was that a long time ago, the people in the second room had made a decision about what they deserved, or what they were capable of, or what they were going to stick with. And it was a bad decision.

No, not everyone should be a banking executive. But no one who aspires to be a bank executive should sell themselves short because of a decision they made a long time ago. In a world where the past matters a lot less than it ever did before, where it’s easier than it ever was to hit the reset button, it’s sad to see someone choosing to be stuck. So, if you want to, switch.

Hey, the snacks are better.

Happy Birthday, Brad

purplecakeHis team baked him a purple cake.

Be Bold!

The last stop on my tour is Marketing – The Bold Approach Method. Look for posts a little later today.

Thanks to everyone who followed along. And especially to my unbelievably gracious hosts!


Why can’t it be fun?

polkaThis sign is right next to the escalator at the convention center in Milwaukee.

Doesn’t cost much. Transforms the mundane into the memorable. That, and you get to hear a polka for your entire ride.

Who do you trust?

newyork2There are come-ons and scams everywhere we go, but nowhere worse than Times Square in New York. That’s why this sign almost didn’t catch my eye. $2.99 for a shirt? Hardly. I figured you got a baby shirt for that price, but an adult size would probably cost four times as much.

I saw the fine print, but at my age and this distance, couldn’t make it out. Figured it must be pretty outrageous, so I got closer. Click the picture to see for yourself.

Sometimes, it seems, you can be remarkable just by telling the truth.

Copy as decoration

paneraYes, we’re practically illiterate. But in our tv-culture, the new thing is signs as decor, not as communication. Check out this banner from Panera. Does anyone actually read it? Did the person who WROTE it read it? Probably not (I polled people at the store and not one person I asked could tell me what the sign said… moments after walking away from it.)

Bright red ideas!

The blog tour continues.

Thinking by Peter Davidson

Free Prize Inside

Snap, Crackle, Innovate

A rave review from ClickZ.

Snap, Crackle, Innovate

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