Amazon’s Time Machine

This link will probably be broken by the time you read this, but give it a try: Computers: VIEWSONIC TPCV1250S PM-1G 40GB ( TPCV1250S-1303 ).

Gizmodo pointed out that the description of the machine includes a 30,000 GB hard drive. Obviously a typo, but that didn’t keep 56 different people from rushing over and posting sort of funny reviews (sort of funny if you think bill gates knock knock jokes are funny).

The question here is: why don’t online stores do stuff like this on purpose? Why don’t they slip in ridiculous items or funny descriptions? It’s not like they’re going to run out of shelf space or have a problem with inventory.

People like to smile. Lightening up is a good idea.

I got one of these for the multi-OS capability. So far, it runs HP-UX, Red Hat, BSD (2 flavors), XENIX, OS X, AIX, AppleDOS, Solaris, DG-UX, Netware, Debian, Mandrake, CP/M, QNX, Win 3.11, Win95, Win95b, Win98, Win98se, WinME, WinCE, Os/2, NT [34], Windows server 200[03], DR-DOS, & BeOS, all in separate windows. Couldn’t load SCO – licensing issues.
We also managed to get Lotus Agenda working pretty well; we dumped the entire Internet into Agenda and were able to solve most of the world’s crimes and determine who on the planet is related to whom. And we were able to use the included Cray Supercomputer Simulator (4 instances simultaneously) to beat Deep Blue and Baby Blue at chess, at the same time.
Nice machine. But I think soon I’ll need an upgrade.