Endless data

Darren Barefoot reveals the most photographed cities (on a per capita basis, as posted on Flickr). Vancouver is on the list because that’s where Flickr started. The rest are each explained in their own way (Amsterdam and Vegas are photogenic, New York has too many people who don’t own digital cameras), and the list has no predictive power whatsoever (try to guess the next one in the series… answer on Darren’s site).

Just because you have access to data doesn’t mean that it’s helpful. More often than not, it (the data, or lack thereof) is just justification to do nothing about truly pressing issues.

Vancouver – 7.94
Amsterdam – 4.69
Las Vegas – 4.03
Seattle – 3.80
San Francisco – 3.16
London – 2.76
Barcelona – 1.99
Sydney – 1.83
Toronto – 1.32
Chicago – 1.31
New York – 1.13
Los Angeles – 0.62

Link: The Most Photographed City on Flickr | Darren Barefoot.