Please come to a seminar in my office

SethmilkcartonabbottClick on this link–> Seminars and you can read all about my two new Whiteboard Sessions.

One is Tuesday, April 19th (for big and small companies) and the other is two days later (a free seminar for non-profits).

I don’t really make much money doing these, and they’re exhausting, but the feedback I get makes it totally and completely worth it. I don’t think I do anything that generates the same sort of impact on an organization. I don’t sell anything (no consulting or whatever) and sometimes you win a door prize like a fez or a milk carton.

If you click on the link above, you can find out all the details about pricing, about location, about hotels, about testimonials, about the guarantee.

It’s a very small-scale event, so please don’t dither, dally or delay.