public service announcement

[Update: I wrote this post in 2005. I have no idea what the company is like today, and wouldn’t presume to tell you one way or the other. You should consult more current sources. The interesting thing is that three years later, this post is the #2 match in Google for the term Skycasters. That means that the way you and your company act today is going to be around for a long, long time. Makes you think about the long term a bit more…]

One day, you might be considering installing Skycasters satellite internet access. (Satellite Internet DiRECWAY broadband satellite internet access satellite ISP by Skycasters.) It’s possible that a google search as part of your due diligence would bring you to this posting.

If so, then it’s worth the space it is taking up.


They provide a frustratingly slow connection. Far slower than their web page implies. They are no fun to work with.  Installation can be a hassle as well. Unless you live far away from any other alternative, you can do better. I just had them rip our service out.

This post not only shares my humble opinion with potential customers, but is a living example of how your customers can spread the word about your products in a way that they never could before.