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Commitment from a click

What happens after someone clicks? Are they more likely to click again? What if they’ve gone far down the road, clicking three or six or ten times? Check this out.

The human mind is a strange thing.

It’s not weird when it’s your weirdness

I don’t play golf. Good thing, too. Here’s what came in the mail from the Edwin Watts catalog yesterday:

"The Rossa Titallium Anti-skid Groove System Insert (AGSI) reduces skid, promoting precise line and optimum speed control."

The thing is, when people are defending herbal astrology, anti-resonant stereo speaker pucks or angels, they are very sure they are right. And often willing to spend a lot of time and money to prove it. $78,000 record players probably do sound better… to someone who believes they will. Same with advice from A-list consulting firms or results from a particular search engine.

Is any of it science?

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