Did I say that?

An interview with Seth Godin (mostly about ad agencies and CMOs).


It’s a podcast. Some excerpts:

Sally: How can CMOs stay ‘small’ if their primary objective is to gain market share?
Seth: If any CMO’s primary objective is to gain market share, she should get a new job.

  • “What ad agencies ought to do, in my opinion, is not focus on
    selling ads anymore. And instead, focus on getting in deeper within the
    clients, and help the clients make products that people want to talk
  • “The problem is that ad agencies have defined themselves as the
    people who take the mediocre products and add interesting ads to them,
    and washed their hands and say, we can’t do anything about what the
    factory brings us. And my answer is, of course you can, and the clients
    actually want you to, you’re just not working hard enough to get that
    piece of business.”
  • “Style and fashion spread through the ad agency business really
    fast. But they’re very bad at changing what they do for a living,
    they’re very bad at any form of new media, they’re bad at pushing
    clients to really dramatically, fundamentally reinvent themselves. What
    they’re very good at is adopting a new slogan or a new look or a new
    image. That’s deckchair re-arranging.”
  • “The way to get promoted in an ad agency is to get a new client who
    spends lots of money on television. Well, if that’s the way you get
    promoted, what do you think people are going to do all day?”

Thanks, Sally.