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Deep connection

When someone tells you what you need to hear, instead of what you’re hoping to hear, you’ve found something priceless.

This takes care, generosity and guts to achieve.

When you offer this gift to someone else, it might seem like it’s unappreciated. But you didn’t do it to be appreciated, you did it because you care enough to work for a deep connection, one that makes things better.

Best to devote that energy to people and causes that can run with it.

The attention crisis is real

It’s all happening at once, and we have to choose.

What to read, listen to, answer?

A spam from a scammer

An @ mention on Slack

A voice mail from the boss

An email from a customer

A DM on Slack

A last-minute sale email from a store you’ve never visited

A year-old blog post

A new blog post

A new podcast

A …


[sorry, got distracted.]

The idea that we can strip mine attention, wasting what we don’t need, is long gone. Like oysters and oil before it, attention is a scarce resource, and we need to use it wisely. Too often, it feels cheaper to simply take what we can get, but when we overreach, the cost in trust is real.

And each of us gets the same amount of attention to spend each day. It’s a competitive advantage to figure out how to focus it to get something done.