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Time doesn’t scale

That’s why it’s worth so much.

Sure, you can outsource. You can look for shortcuts. You can hire folks. You can use mailmerge. You can even send it to voice mail.

But all of these time shortcuts fail to express the thing we want the most.

Your time, my time, their time–we all get the same number of minutes per day.

If you spend them on someone, they can tell.

Might as well quit

There’s a better cause right around the corner. It might not work. You’ll never be able to keep all the promises. It can’t last forever. We’re all going to die. It’s not perfect. Someone might steal your idea. There will be critics. You’re not ready. Someone else is going to do it. It’s not that important. It might not work.

On the other hand…

Now is better than later, and perfect is an illusion.

Act as if. Simply begin. Make things better by making better things. You can always improve it later.