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Two kinds of good cooks

One is very skilled at following the recipe. Quality control, consistency and diligence.

The other understands how the recipe works, sees patterns and opportunities and changes the recipe to fit the problem to be solved. It’s about metaphor in addition to process.

Both are useful.

If you think this is a post about cooking, you might be the first kind of cook.

10 reps

If you can do it once, you might be able to do it ten times.

And if you do it ten times, it will become a skill and a practice. You’ll do it more naturally and more often.

Sending a note, changing your mind, throwing a ball, offering a kind word, doing leg presses.

Ten reps is a great place to begin.

Starting with agreement

Resilient systems are better than fragile ones.

Leave the campsite better than you found it.

Clean air is better than dirty air.

It’s more reliable to invest in things that produce positive impacts over time.

When the numbers add up, believe them

People who show their work are more likely to be right.

Important work is better done now, not later.

Talking about our problems makes the solutions more robust.

It’s better to make up your mind after you see the data, not before.

If we begin with what we agree on, it’s easier to move forward.

Of course, there’s always this alternative: