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The Akimbo Workshops

High-output learning for adults who want to make a difference.

Welcome to the Akimbo Workshops.

We are the altMBA, The Marketing Seminar, The Bootstrapper’s Workshop, The Podcasting Fellowship and The Business of Food Workshop. So far.

More than 10,000 people have completed our intensive, interactive, personal and useful seminars, with more enrolling in them every day.

We believe in soft skills. So much that we don’t want to call them that. They’re real skills. We teach people to see the world as it is, to make better decisions and to lead. We focus on connection, cooperation, and generosity. We push ourselves (and our students) to get outside of our comfort zone on the way to doing work that matters.

We know what it means to build a course that’s popular. The formula: fun videos, easy topics, famous instructors, watch what you want and then go home. We’ve resisted this temptation.

We’d rather be better than simply popular.

And for us better means helping you get through the discomfort that real learning brings. It means helping you accomplish more than you ever thought you could. And mostly, it means seeing and being seen, being part of a cohort that’s counting on you to level up.

If it matters enough to enroll in a course, we think it matters enough to do it the Akimbo way.

When you’re ready to level up, we’re ready for you.

Here are some of our students chiming in about what these seminars have meant to them…


“The best learning experience I’ve ever gone through…”

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