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Books are special. They represent the work of one person, who has chosen to spend a year or more of their life to create an idea that might stand the test of time.

They’re resilient.

They’re easy to share.

And they send a signal. A signal that this might be important, that we should probably talk about this.

In addition to the 2 million words on my blog, I’ve been able to write 20 books, and all of them have become bestsellers. Over the last twenty years, one page at a time, one word at a time.

I couldn’t have done it without my extraordinary publisher and the support of so many people who cared enough to speak up and to spread the word as well.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the twenty bestsellers I’ve written:


The fundamental building block of the internet is connection. This book anticipated so many of the changes that have informed the last twenty years of our lives, and the fundamental idea of anticipated, personal and relevant messaging still stands. When I wrote it, email marketing was a zero billion dollar industry.


The essential book on what it means for something to go viral. It far anticipated the network effect and the power of memes.


The book that sold the least copies. Applying the thinking of evolutionary biology to organizations and your career.


The bestselling marketing book of that decade. How to spread your ideas by being remarkable.


The surprising benefits of being seen as the best in the world, and the real upsides of quitting.


Everyone has the tools to be a leader. The real question is: will you choose to use them. This book described many of the fractures in our modern culture years before they were apparent.


My most important book. Will you choose to be more than a cog, to be missed if you’re gone, to do work that matters?


The bestselling marketing book since Purple Cow. The definitive guide to strategy, not tactics, for anyone who wants to understand how our culture spreads and accepts ideas.


An instant bestseller in 2020. A book about shipping creative work. Isn’t that the work you want to do?


I hope you’ll check out the entire list.

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