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Buckwheat waffles (grain free)

Buckwheat is a fruit with a cool name. It’s related to rhubarb.

You’ll need buckwheat flour. The best way to get it is to buy buckwheat groats and then grind them.

The second best way is to buy buckwheat flour, but make sure it’s pretty fresh (should smell clean, not musty).

The ingredients are approximate! You tweak as you go.

3 cups buckwheat flour

1/4 cup maple syrup

3 eggs

1 TB baking soda

1.5 TSP salt (more makes it saltier, zero is too little)

2 cups cashew or almond milk

Beat the eggs, add the liquids, add the soda and salt, add the buckwheat

Mix vigorously. Keep adding oat milk to make a thick slurry. Not a dough. It’s okay if it’s very moist. Probably shouldn’t be wet.

As you mix, it’ll thicken on you. Add more oat milk.

Let it sit for ten minutes or an hour.

Add frozen blueberries, make waffles.

BREAKTHROUGH ANNOUNCEMENT! These waffles become even better, hard to believe, if you replace the eggs with half a cup of seltzer. I’m serious. Try it.