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Canoe magic

Illegal drone footage on a beautiful lake in Ontario at dawn
On the Hudson near Yonkers

That’s a Cape Falcon skin on frame, under construction. It is still in use by a friend at the club.

That’s the finished kayak

The bow of the cedar strip boat when it was first completed

Omer Stringer invented style canoeing:

I paddled with him once.

One can’t have too many clamps, but I’m getting close.

One of my students in a seventy-year old cedar strip. She’s doing a reverse feather.

That’s Peter’s son doing a Kendo landing, of course.

A good day on the dock. They all are.

RT, concentrating

The underbuilt superlight skin on frame canoe with an asymmetrical hull

The thought is that since I always lean to one side, you want the tumblehome to be optimized for that.

I think I didn’t get the width or the depth right.

One day soon, I’ll post about the paddlemaking. I’m much better at that.