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Joining the Almanac team

The response to the post I did last week was overwhelming. I heard from more than 500 people in 23 countries.

I tried to find a small but powerful sample of this group–people with a mix of skills, backgrounds and approaches who can add value to the project at this stage. I’d love for you to check out the private discussion board I’ve put together.

If you got the email to visit this page, you’ll need to click this link to join the board. Once you do, feel free to visit the pages as you come across them, to introduce yourself and to respond to what others are saying.

It will take at least twenty minutes to find your way around. Be patient! Tag and type, poke around, get a handle on what’s going on. Post a photo and bio. Once you get the hang of it, it will feel comfortable and you’re on your way.

We’ve been at this for a month or so, and progress is happening fast. Right now, we’re on the search for people who can help us:

• Find and organize data sets on carbon, climate and the economy

• Propose new topics to fit into our existing table of contents

• Traffic and structure the articles that are already in the works

• Edit and source the articles as they move into InDesign

Please don’t share this page or the discussion board with anyone else without asking me first. These are very early stages for a project we’re just noodling on, and we’re beginning with a very small group.

Thanks for checking this out.