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The Podcasting Fellowship, The Business of Food Workshop and of course, the altMBA]. Read on for more details.

Akimbo creates workshops, not courses. It’s not school, there are no tests, quizzes or fancy graduation credentials.

Instead, we build a place where you can do your best. A seminar where you can be seen, a safe place to do your work, to act as if, to try things out.

While they might not be difficult, you’ll discover that the work can be hard. That’s because there are no limits, no artificial boundaries, simply your own potential and your own desire to level up.

You can’t fall behind. In all of our workshops (except the altMBA, see below), you work at your own pace. Some people like to be right at the edge, engaging with each prompt as soon as it’s available. But the workshops are open for months, which gives you the time to be flexible. You can go through the lessons more than once. You can find your cohort and go at their pace. The idea of ‘falling behind’ is a compliance tool, not a pedagogical one.

The exception is the altMBA, our 30-day intensive. In this month-long sprint, you’re guided by alumni coaches (there are 2 for every group of 25 students) and you’re always surrounded by your cohort, doing the work together, in sync.

The workshops are strategic. We challenge you to learn to see, to discard preconceived notions and to embrace new habits.

The workshops are tactical. There’s nothing to memorize but there’s a lot to try out. By giving you a place to cycle on the tactics within the strategy you’ve chosen, you’ll find that we’re opening the door for new ways to do your work.

And most of all, when you’re in an Akimbo workshop, you’re not alone.

Here are some of the workshops we offer, along with a few notes about whether or not it’s for someone like you:

altMBA, our flagship seminar, a 30 day intensive. You can do this while working and raising a family, but it will stretch you. The altMBA isn’t a replacement for a two-year degree. Instead, it will teach you things you’d never learn at Harvard. Real skills.

The Business of Food Workshop is taught by famed entrepreneur and author Will Rosenzweig, and it’s based on his popular course at UC Berkeley–the Haas school is one of the top ten MBA programs in the country. Joined by guests like Alice Waters and Danny Meyer, this workshop is our most academic, giving participants a big picture overview at the same time they see a path for their own work. (open now)

The Marketing Seminar is a 100-day workshop, with 50 video lessons, prompts every other day and a go-at-your-own-pace ethos that fits into any calendar. (coming soon)

The Bootstrapper’s Workshop is for individuals looking to build a real business, and do it without outside funding. This is brass tacks and hands-on, the thinking and the tactics that can open the door to doing it with generosity, not a short-term hustle. (coming soon)

The Podcasting Fellowship is led by Alex DiPalma, an experienced and influential podcasting producer. In this workshop, you’ll learn the why (even more important that the how, also covered) of creating and shipping your own podcast. Not to make a living, but to make a difference. (coming soon)

Stay tuned, there are more to come.