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I first wrote about them in 2005 (!) and launched the Startup School in 2012. For years, it was a top 10 business podcast, even though I made them all in a weekend. It was a pretty quiet marketplace.

My podcast Akimbo is now in its eighth season and I’m thrilled at how it is resonating with people.

But mostly, I appear on other people’s podcasts. Here’s an incomplete list.

My new book, The Song of Significance has led to some magical podcasts. Here are some:

Tim Ferriss, Marie Forleo, Remarkable Retail, The Moment with Brian Koppelman, Hustle & Grace, Mitch Joel, Carey Nieuwhof, Zak Kuhn

The Long and the Short of It, We Are For Good, Future of Internal Communication, Key Moments

Idea to Startup, Kevin Lockett, Park Howell, UX Magazine, Just Get Started, Coffee Culture, Creative on Purpose, At Your Service. Depolarized, Scott Perry

Business Made Simple with Donald Miller, Peace at the Water Cooler, Success, The Good Life Project, The Unmistakable Creative, What’s Next with Tiffani Bova, Koan Conversations

Tammy Zonker, The Greatness Machine, The Learner’s Corner, Where Are All My Friends?, Audible, Ideas on Stage, Portfolio Career Podcast, Let’s Talk Business, Edge of Impossible, Spotlight On

Conversations with Tyler, Culture Goodr, The Conspiracy of Goodness, Creative Nonfiction Podcast, Getting to Yes, and, Connected: The Sales Leadership Show, Lead, Learn, Change,

Beyond the To Do List, Read to Lead, Results and Relationships, Built Not Born, Conspiracy of Goodness, Coaching for Leaders, The Business of Authority, Shep Hyken article, Young and Profiting

Finding Direction, SKUcast, The Decode Project Podcast, Branding Matters, FranklinCovey on Leadership, ABC Big Weekend and This Working Life

And a first, a podcast about my 2024 calendar with Douglas on the Marketing Books Podcast.

Find out more at https://www.longblack.co

Starting 2023 with Rich Roll. And Whitney Johnson. The Green Notebook.

Talking about climate: A Climate Change, Future of Internal Communication with Cat, Can Marketing Save the Planet?, Invested in Climate, Passion Struck, The Moment with Brian Koppelman, Marketing over Coffee, Carey Nieuwhof, The Marketing Book podcast, Mrs. Green, Ultimate Health Podcast, Sustaining Sustainability at Pitt. SKUcast.

Updated with: A few podcasts from 2022 and 2023: Built Not Born, What the Fundraising, The Lead Creative, Pauline Laigneau (In French!), Dr. Nate and Compassionate Relationships, Ask a Decision Engineer, With Nick Warren on story, The Development with David, Let It Be Easy, The Business of Marketing, Pixel Lit (FX Nine and an old series of novels…) The Lion’s Roar, Weird Music Podcast

Some podcasts from 2021… Sales Evangelist, Solo Like Me, Better Business Founder, Entrepreneurs on Fire, A Whole New Level, Elizabeth Beeli, Fabrice Guerrier, Kindsight 101, Below The Line, Lifehacker, Leticia Latino, Anette on Education, Zak Kuhn Show, Context and Clarity live, talking architecture, Yext, ABM Conversations and talking Bob Dylan with Paul Leslie. Also, The Real Organic Podcast.

Introducing: The Practice!

Debbie Millman, Tim Ferriss, Brandwidth, Full Comp, The North Star, Marie Forleo, The Moment with Brian Koppelman. And Shane Parrish.

Heneka Watkis-Porter, The Happy Mindset, Entreleadership, Water Cooler Hangout, A Life of Greatness, Read to Lead, Afford Anything, Culture Changers, The Long and the Short of It, The Greatest Music of All Time, Beyond Busy.

Accidental Creative, Pivot with Jenny Blake, Duct Tape Marketing, The Learner’s Corner, Marketing Jam, StoryBrand, Welcome, Jordan Harbinger

Writers, Ink, What Got You There, The Learning Leader, Startup Savant, Tim Stodz, The Game Changing Attorney, Growth Manifesto, All Business, Eat Sleep Work Repeat, EO Fire, Dr. Pele, Sarah Grynberg, Sarah Wilson

How to Be Awesome at Your Job, Next Big Idea Club, Motherhood Unstressed, Modern Wisdom, HR Leaders, The Bridging Podcast, Bob Poole, Creating a Brand, Art Juice, The Unmistakable Creative

Cal Fussman, Journey Further, Authentic Storytelling, Brian Ondrako, Silawath Irshad, Thrive Time, Theatre Talks with Shawn Kanungo–Special Guest Wang Yip , How to be mesmerizing with Tim Schurr

The School of Greatness, Alain Guillot, David Meerman Scott, Paths for Growth, Evan Carmichael, Free Your Inner Guru with Laura Tucker, Barry Moltz 

Heather Monahan, Young and Profiting, The Affiliate Guy, Growth Manifesto, Elevate, Portfolio Career, Mitch Joel and Six Degrees 

Chase Jarvis live, HR Leaders podcast, The Productivityist podcast, the one and only Anthony Iannarino

Cathy Heller, Marketing Over Coffee, Marketing Book podcast, Brian Keating on science, Creative Nonfiction podcast


2020: Design Better, Growth Mindset University, Rankings.io (for lawyers), Ash Roy on Marketing, Debbie Weil on Gap Year, Mindshare Collaborative, Climate Changers, Acton Academy Placer, Access Potential, Duct Tape Marketing, First 1,000 Clients, Scale without burnout, A juicy conversation on the Arts with CI, Jasmine Star, Creative Elements, Theory of Enchantment, Schools over, now what?, What Will You Learn, Don’t Quit Your Day Job with Cathy Heller (a great interview),  A Shark’s Perspective, Pod Buffet.

2019: Mitch Joel #700! Special report on college debt with Dave Ramsey’s team, CultureLab, Leads2Scale, Entreleadership, The Moment with Brian Koppelman (a pretty special one in our ongoing series), David Kadavy, The Kindle Chronicles, Marketing & Tech Book Club, Brian Clark at Unemployable, One New Person, Her Money, Marketing Over Coffee.

Special thanks to Jim at This Is Broken for the first pass and to Brian Pelletier for the master list.

Also… Jordan Harbinger, Jane Anderson, Storyteller’s Network, Get Over Yourself, Impact Learning, Black Entrepreneur Experience, Disrupt Evertyhing

Tim FerrissRyan Hawk, Jay Baer, Behind the Brand, Jen Lehner Kirby HassemanMarketing Today, In the Arena, Marketing Week, Marketing Speak,Marketing Over Coffee, The Marketing Book Podcast, Social Media Examiner,  Larry Weeks, David Meerman Scott, User Defenders, Eat Sleep WorkAdrian SwinscoeBill Carmody, BKC in GhanaBoston ContentEscape the Rat Race1% Better, MarieTV , Chase JarvisDuct Tape Marketing, Ridiculously Human, The Copywriter Club, Self Made ManThe Remarkable Leadership Podcast, Glenn Zweig, The Future of Work, Molly Fletcher, Charlie Gilkey, Boiling Point, Phil GerbyshakFuture Skills, Coaching for Leaders, PSMFuture SkillsHumans 2.0, Joshua Spodek, Speaker SisterhoodMrs. Greens World, Beautiful WritersCreative Pep Talk, It’s Not What It Seems, Ian Altman, Art of Humanity. (more to come, updated regularly).

Start with these three…

On Being

The Moment

The Good Life Project

And here’s a chronological list as of late October 2018, with some duplicates likely:

You Turns Life and more

FranklinCovey ON Leadership Leadership

Rule Breaker Investing Motley Fool

The James Altucher Show Inspiration

StartEdUp Podcast Education

The Moment Koppelman returns!

Leaders in the Trenches Leadership

Big Audacious Idea Money

The Ryno Lab Work that matters

Corporate Unplugged In conversation

Entreleadership Dave Ramsey live

The Reboot Podcast Leadership

Tell Me What to Say And that happened

3 Books with Neil Pasricha Books

From Founder to CEO Leadership and the altMBA

Copyblogger FM Creating change

Cut the Crap Podcast Linchpin

Don’t Keep Your Day Job Empathy

Spark My Muse The Weird

Tropical MBA altMBA

Creative on Purpose Leveling up

The Business Leadership Podcast Boldness

Big Questions with Cal Fussman Seeing the World Through a Different Frame

The Moment More Koppelman!

In the Arena Writing

One Percent Better Podcast Leveling up

RocketShip fm Achieving Greatness

Simplify Do Bad Work

MetaLearn Education

Unemployable Soloists

The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast Marketing

Meet The Creatives Profile

Building A Story Brand Marketing

The Tim Ferriss Show Tim!

What’s Next The Human Side of Business

Everyone Hates Marketers Launching a business

What You Will Learn Profile

Giant Robots A Fork in the Road

Entreleadership Change your mind, change you life

North Star Podcast Purple Cows

Love Your Work – Creative Productivity Creativity

You’ve Been Served Customer service

The Solution Podcast Rethinking the MBA

Accidental Creative Ucertainty, Systems, and Action

Ready Set Grit On Thin Ice

Ctrl Alt Delete Educating Yourself & False Fear

The Moment Koppelman! The Best Of Seth Godin

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know Under the Hood

The Marie Forleo Podcast Stop Waiting for the Right Moment

Design Matters with Debbie Millman Design

Making the Cut Profile

Why I Write Podcast Writing

Six Pixels of Seperation With Mitch

Life Skills That Matter Overcoming Resistance and Fear

The James Altucher Show How to Make What you Want For A Living

Breakthrough Success Marketing Like a Pro

The Moment With Brian!

Building NewLaw How to Make Art and Start a Ruckus

Innovation Show Linchpins, Leadership, and Authenticity

Innovation Show MEatball Sundaes

The Tim Ferriss Show How to Think Small to Go Big–Seth answers questions

Faster Than Normal On ADHD, Will Power, Triggers, and Changing Your Life

The Chase Jarvis Live Show What It Means to Matter

Ideas with Adam Smith Ideas

The Tangent Show Podcast (Formerly The Funny Indian Show) More Seth

Transformative Principal Stop Stealing Dreams

The Creative Giant Show Pick Yourself

Becoming Wise We Choose Our Own Tribes

The Ryno Lab Making a Ruckus, Being Bold & Knowing When to Quit

TGIM Embracing Failure and the Importance of Questions

Entreleadership Dealing With Change

Ziglar Tom Ziglar

DIY Artist Route Have a Conversation and Make a Ruckus

The Tim Ferriss Show With Ferriss (#1)

Work Alchemy Work that matters

Relevant Relevance

Beautiful Writers Podcast Tribes, Blogs, and Book Biz

Small Business with Steve Strauss Small business

Entreleadership It’s Always Your Turn

Six Pixels of Seperation Ad Blocking and the Future of Advertising

Curious Minds How to Author a Life

Getting Goosebumps Getting Your Story Heard

Good Life Project On Books, Trust, Creativity, and Making (Best of)

WordPress Business Podcast With Kristina Romero

The Moment Classic Koppelman

Louder Than Words In conversation

foundr Podcast Why You Shouldn’t Do What You’re Told

The Growth Show (The Turnaround) In conversation

The Promo Kitchen Promotional goods

Sounds Like a Movement The Power of Tension

The Unmistakable Creative What To Do When It’s Your Turn

The Suitcase Entrepreneur Facing Your Fear of Freedom and Accepting Tension

Social Media Marketing Book Marketing

So Money Money

The James Altucher Show It’s Your Turn, Now What

Personal Branding Doing Work That Matters

The Gently Mad Dancing With Fear

Read to Lead Reading

Six Pixels of Seperation Missed When You’re Gone

On Being The Art of Noticing, and Then Creating

Productive Flourishing Pick Yourself

Art of Charm Conquering the Dip

The 21st Century Workplace Project Based Tribes

The Moment Classic Koppelman

10,000 Hours Self-Awareness

The Traveling Cup Oh The Places You Will Go

Entreleadership Go Make Something Happen

teenpro podcast Teens!

The James Altucher Show Guts and Glory

NPR Radio Hour Can Ordinary People Become Leaders?

Giant Robots An Agent of Change

Entreleadership Dave Ramsey

Creative Mornings Thinking Backwards

Gape Into The Void With Hugh

Six Pixels of Seperation Flying High

Accidental Creative Icarus deception

The Kindle Chronicles Kindle

Eventual Millionaire You Cannot Measure Success with a Bank Account

Social Media Marketing Failing to Start: Why We Accept Medocrity and How to Change

Duct Tape Marketing We Are All Artists Now

Marketing Over Coffee Icarus deception

Adrian Swinscoe Podcast You can’t make ‘Art’ if you are not willing to fail

Entrepreneur on Fire In conversation

Zen Habits On Future of Books

Six Pixels of Seperation Super weird

Ending The Grind Podcast In conversation

DIY Musician Building a Musical Tribe

Six Pixels of Seperation It’s Time to Ship

Careers Talk Are you indispensable?

Internet Marketing Podcast Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss

Six Pixels of Seperation What Matters Now

Six Pixels of Seperation Digital Marketing All-Star Roundtable

Accidental Creative Tribes

Six Pixels of Separation PlaneCast, TED and Seth Godin

eCommerce Bytes eBay Sellers: Quit or Be Exceptional

Accidental Creative Creative

Across the Sound In conversation

Church of the Customer Are All Marketers Really Liars?

Podcasts from Jim’s collection:

Reboot (the dip)

3 Books with Neil Pasricha (books & publishing)

Sounds Like a Movement (tension, it’s your


Design Observer (politics & modern life)

Tropical MBA (business

and life)

One Percent Better Podcast (doing better)

The Entrepreneurial You (ideas)

Don’t Keep Your Day Job (empathy)

The Daily Grind (tbc)

Spark My Muse (his journey)

In the Arena Podcast with Anthony Iannarino (customers and branding)

Building a StoryBrand (product and marketing)

Love Your Work (life stories and authors)

Relevant (changing the world)

Design Observer (politics)

Everyone Hates Marketers (marketing)

The Portfolio Life (writing)

Entreleadership (change)

Sophisticated Marketer(marketing & ideas)

Giant Robots (going mainstream)

Ctrl Alt Del with Emma Gannon (careers)

James Altucher (life)

Accidental Creative (projects & the dip)

Entrepreneur on Fire (life lessons)

The Art of Charm (the dip)

Building New Law (lawyers)

On Being (tbc)

Copyblogger FM (marketing)

Elin Barton (life purpose)

Why I Write (writing)

Live at Carnegie Hall (musicians)

Rise to the Top (writing and publishing)

Marketing Over Coffee (icarus deception)

Adrian Swinscoe (failure)

Social Media Examiner (failing to start)

Duct Tape Marketing (holding yourself back)

Kindle Chronicles (icarus deception)

Visceral Business (great work)

Curious Minds (life projects)

Entreleadership (making change happen)

Unmistakable Creative (It’s your turn)

Amy Eisenstein (fundraising)

Promo Kitchen (It’s your turn)

Actionable Books (Tribes)

The Moment (expectations)

10,000 Hours (self awareness)

Brain Pickings (V is for Vulnerable)

The Traveling Cup (linchpin)

The Moment (mission)

Creative Mornings (do the work)

EcommerceBytes (be remarkable)

Church of the Customer (All Marketers are Liars)