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Purple <dot> space

A community of practice

  • Even though we work in a distributed way, we don’t have to work alone.
  • And as we work in a world filled with AI and outsourcing, we don’t have to race to the bottom.
  • Better is possible. It helps to have company. is a place to find the others. A virtual water cooler for daily inspiration, productivity and networking. But with no hype, cold calling or selling. The goal isn’t to gather attention, spread the word or have an argument. Instead, we’re creating a place of actual connection and possibility.

It’s designed for people who do  three kinds of things :

  • Entrepreneurs in the midst of growing their project, big or small. 
  • Freelancers who are working to find and work with better clients.
  • Line managers who are part of a distributed workforce eager to learn and get in sync with others. (This includes non-profits too).

Purple Space is an online community that’s exactly what we need, just the right size to maximize impact without feeling overwhelming. Membership is capped and won’t be increased unless it benefits the community.

It costs money, but it’s worth more than it costs. Our members are the purpose of the space, not a raw material to be sold or manipulated. 

Peer to peer fills a basic human need, but finding your peers isn’t easy.

You will find (take what you need, when you need it):

  • Inspiration
  • Face to face connection on demand
  • Questions answered
  • Peer to peer coaching
  • Weekly live QA with Seth Godin 
  • Daily asynchronous threads with Seth and guests
  • 24/7 video groups, including masterminds and silent co-working
  • Network effects for business creation
  • Book groups and peer training
  • A jobs/skills board
  • Journaling
  • Access to tools
  • Worldwide in-person meetups

And by application (with a commitment to finish):

Brainstorm Road for honing your shipping practice

Bernadette Jiwa’s Story Skills and Story Republic for improving your storytelling

Marketing practicum with Linda and Brian

Tech stack:

Discourse, including new native subscription tool

Persistent video conferencing (now live at

Streamyard for broadcasting Q&A sessions

And other bespoke tools