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Here’s the note I sent, with all the links ready to go so you don’t have to guess…

Work that matters, for people who care.

Thank you for caring. It means the world to me that you signed up to get a preview copy of This Is Marketing. Writing this book has been a great reminder of how much I enjoy making books–this is my first full-length traditionally published book in more than five years. On every page, I was thinking of the students who have been through the Marketing Seminar, about my blog readers, about people who care enough to do work that matters.

If you think the book is worth it, thank you in advance for taking the time to contribute a review. It will go a long way to helping us spread the word about the ideas inside. I’m hoping your first-look advantage will give your voice a boost.

First, some details:

  1. The book ships on Tuesday, November 13th, from Amazon and from wherever fine books are sold. It will also be available in France, the Commonwealth countries, Vietnam, South Korea and other markets in translation, but we’re not exactly sure when.
  2. Instead of sending you a galley, this is an actual early-bird printed copy of the book. Share at will!
  3. If you’d like to link to the book, you can use this link, which includes a short video, an excerpt and other goodies we’ll be adding: https://seths.blog/tim/
  4. Or, if you’re more comfortable linking directly to Amazon, here’s a short link for you to copy and paste: http://bit.ly/TIMTIM

Below, I’m sharing three ways to contribute your review if you want it shared widely (it’s also fine with us if you simply post a review anywhere and in any format that you think is appropriate.)

Please do what feels right to you… I’m listing the options, but I don’t expect you to pursue any of them. I’m truly grateful that you wanted to get in early on this. Thank you.

  1. If you’ve got a written review that you’d like me to feature on my blog, I’ll do my best. Visit this link:  http://bit.ly/TIMreview and fill out the relevant boxes.
  2. Even better, we’d love to feature a video review from you, one you can submit right now. All you’ll need is a smartphone or a laptop with a camera. Visit this link http://bit.ly/ThisIsReview and follow the simple instructions. Feel free to mention your site and what your do at the end of your review.
  3. On November 13th, the on sale date, visit http://bit.ly/TIMTIM and post your review on Amazon. You’ll be among the first, you’ll be listed as a verified purchaser and you’ll get a lot of reader focus…

ALSO: You’re invited to the digital launch party, a chance to engage with other readers, to see some bonus videos and to share your work. Use the code at the bottom of page 260 of the book, we’ll email you the link to join when the launch party opens on November 13.

Thanks for everything.


Seth & the team at Portfolio

PS the next session of The Marketing Seminar happens in January. We’re looking forward to seeing new students as well as returning ones there. Standby for more details on that.

One last thing: We’ve created a special collectible edition of the book. There are only 2000 sets. Because you’ve been so generous, I’d like to give you a first look at what it’s about. I’ll be emailing you on November 10th with the details.

Here are two quick preview pics. There are more hints at the site. Hurry!