Free eBook

Buy a copy of the new paperback edition of The Big Red Fez and I’ll give you a free copy of the worldwide bestselling ebook Really Bad Powerpoint by email. All you have to do is buy the paperback of Fez from Amazon or a local bookseller and send me an email at this special address and subject line and I’ll send you the ebook by return email within a week. No proof of purchase necessary. I trust you.
By the way, the ebook for The Big Red Fez no longer exists. My publisher, Simon & Schuster, made a significant donation to charity (all proceeds from this project have always gone to the JDRF) for the paperback rights and they asked me to remove the ebook. Since my goals for this book are to spread the word and help the JDRF, it made sense to me. So if you got the electronic version, it’s now officially a collector’s item.