Speaking–Live, in person and free

I’m flattered that a lot of correspondence I get is from people who’d like to come hear me speak. I rarely get hired to do talks that are open to the pubilc at large, so I thought you’d be excited to hear about this upcoming national (USA) tour. With a new book out, I’ll be in the following cities doing a free talk:

Boston, May 14

Philadelphia , May 23rd

Cleveland , June 4

Detroit , June 6

Seattle , June 25

Each talk is about Permission Marketing, with the exception of the Philadelphia talk, which will be about Survival is Not Enough. To register, visit Hewlett Packard’s Evolve Tour. (the Permission talks are on the top left pull-down menu associated with the Customer Relationship Management event, Philly is on the top right associated with the Business to Employee solutions event).

Thanks to HP for sponsoring this event, handling all the logistics, the web site and even giving you a free book for showing up. Seats are very limited, and you’re not in until you get a confirmation back from them.

Unrelated, but still of interest to those near London, I’m doing a not-free talk on May 9th. You can check out all the details at Seth in London . (Mysteriously, this link does not work with some browsers.) You can also save money by typing in the special discount code: MS0905.