So, if you could design a new kind of record business…

What would the label look like?
Here’s what I’m doing with zoomTone Records (not quite ready to launch):
1. No retail sales. All on the Internet.
2. Big discount if you subscribe to the music. We send you a new album every six weeks.
3. No attempt at radio airplay. It’s too hard and it skews the music you make.
4. MP3s of everything available for free download.
5. Recorded on SACD, which plays in your CD player but plays even better in an SACD player. “Music worth paying for.”
6. Live to two track. No compression, overdubs, edits, etc. What you hear is what I heard.
7. Treat the musicians fairly. In this case, it means no options on future music, they own the masters and they get the cash when a record sells.

More as it happens! (sign up for more info at zoomTone)