Turning good deeds viral (and winning free money)

[Hey, I know “free” is redundant with “winning”, but great copywriters love the word free.]

Subscribers to the Ideavirus newsletter will be familiar with A Worthy Cause, the zero-profit online fundraiser I helped a few friends launch last year. After our beta test, we learned a lot and we’re back again, this time raising money for Juvenile Diabetes.

The goal is simple: find people who don’t ordinarily donate to charity and give them a massive reason to give $10–a contest where the best fundraiser wins $5,000.

It’s very politically correct… every single penny except for credit card fees goes straight to JDRF, so it’s incredibly efficient. AND, if you win, you can always donate your prize, too!

It’s worth a look (that address again: A Worthy Cause) because you can see how an ideavirus for a good cause might get built. I hope that you’ll start a team. Consider the $10 the cost of your subscription to Seth’s blog. (by the way, to get a real subscription to this blog, click here) and click on “Subscribe To It”.