Spend the day at my office?

Please come to my office.

On November 5, 2002, I’m inviting 30 people to spend a day with me in my funky warehouse in Dobbs Ferry, NY, overlooking the Hudson River. (We’re 38 minutes from Grand Central Station in the heart of Manhattan.)

My goal is to help you visualize a different marketing future, to find several take-me-home marketing breakthroughs and to share practical, inexpensive-to-implement advice about taking your company to the next level. You’ll probably learn as much from your peers as you do from me.

Because it’s a small group, we’ll be working on your specific issues, evaluating your web site, talking about how you can reach the right people with the right message. We’ll step back and look at business models and on what’s working and what’s not (offline and on). And everything will be focused on things you can do tomorrow.

If you’d like more information about pricing and agenda, or want to inquire about doing something like this at your company, please drop me a line at
sethgodin@yahoo.com. Put the phrase “practical breakthrough” in your subject line. Sooner the better.