How cool is this?

Check out glooLabs. This is a new invention/operating system/protocol/device inspired by something I invented one day in the shower.

In a nutshell, devices using the gloo technology are able to use a wifi wireless network to grab music (or other content) from your computer and play it through your stereo (or whatever).

So… in the short term, if you’ve got a bunch of music on your Mac, you can use a powerful remote control (just jazz? just Coltrane? just songs from last week?) and play it on your stereo. In the long run, because the protocol is open, developers will come up with ways to synch or program or who knows what.

I’m pretty excited that something I helped dream up is now a real live product, and I also believe that this is a major step forward for anybody who’s interested in how the digital home shapes up–smart devices using dumb networks and open systems.