Announcing the Purple Cow workshop

Longtime readers will remember that I don’t do consulting. As flattering as it is to believe that a successful organization might actually want my advice about their problems, I’m really hesitant to take this sort of commitment on. Why? Because I figure if I charge someone to solve their problems, I better be confident that I can. And in my experience, a consultant rarely solves your problems—you do. So I’m much happier teaching people to fish.

That said, it’s clear that there’s a lot of excitement about the Purple Cow concept and many people want the energy and insight they can get from brainstorming in person. So, here’s the first in what will become a series of semi-public Purple Cow training and brainstorming sessions.

WHAT YOU GET: 6 hours of intensive brain workout. The first two hours are me, laying the groundwork. The next 4 hours are you (and the other attendees) sharing their specific problems and challenges. As a group, we’ll figure out a thousand PC-approved ways of being remarkable, not invisible.

THE GUARANTEE: I’ve run sessions in my office before on other topics, and I can happily tell you that no one has ever taken me up on the following: If you don’t think you got ideas and insights that were worth way more than you paid to come, it’s free. I’ll give you back all your tuition.

HOW MUCH? $800 per person. Second person in your organization comes for $400, unless it’s your boss—she pays $300.

LUNCH? On me.

WHERE? In my funky office at 145 Palisade St, Dobbs Ferry, NY, 12 miles north of New York City. You can get here on the train from Grand Central in about 40 minutes.

WHEN? Thursday, May 8th. Starts at 10 sharp. Finished by 4, but you can hang for another half hour or so if you want to chat.

HOW TO SIGN UP? This is a very informal process, because space is so limited. Drop me an email at Make sure you put the word YOGURT in the subject line. Why yogurt? Well, it’s milk from a cow, with some culture added, then you shake it up and the thing you end up with is better than what you started with. Sort of.