Are you remarkable enough to be in my new eBook?

Purple Cow, which is due out on May 8th, is all about being remarkable. About creating a product, a service or an organization that’s so amazing that people tell each other about it. Simultaneous with publication of the hardcover, I’m going to release an ebook called “99 Purple Cows”. The idea is simple: 99 people, products, services or organizations that are remarkable, each with a short profile.

The goal is that readers will find inspiration in the examples (and that those featured will get the recognition they deserve.) The ebook will cost $9.99 (no surprise) with all proceeds going to If you’re featured in the ebook, you can have digital copies for free to distribute to friends and colleagues.

Nominate yourself! Nominate someone else. Click here for the NOMINATION FORM. Please note that your nomination should include plenty of facts and figures and links… don’t worry about your writing style, I’ll handle that.