No, she’s not a maniac.

So the big news today is that yet another A list musician has realized that the record industry is broken and that record labels are not a smart move for motivated, popular artists with a following. Visit and you can sign up for more info about her new album.

By producing music SHE wants to make, and selling it directly to people who want to be sold to, Merchant changes her life for the better. Even though she’s wasting tens of thousands of dollars on needless packaging, she’ll still break even in a few days of selling her CD online.

If she’s smart, she’ll build a permission asset and use it to create a group she can sell albums to whenever she’s ready to–not when the label says its time. Natalie, if you’re reading this, drop me a line. I can share what I’ve discovered over the last few projects!

More and more, industries where scale mattered are finding the opposite is true. More and more, people who are Purple Cows are discovering that they can write their own ticket and get what they want AND what they need.