Blurbs and Cows

Little known fact: The guy who wrote the famous Purple Cow poem also invented the word Blurb. Even better is this little bit of reader mail.

“I have an IDEA! Whether it’s worth anything is up to you. I read your book “Purple Cow” and loved it! I had also previously read the “Tipping Point” by Malcom Gladwell and thinking of these two books is where I came up with a “possible” title for your next book. I was glad to see a link to Gladwell’s website on your “IdeaVirus” site leading me to think there may be some point of collaberation between the two of you. I think you should call your next book “Tipping the Purple Cow”, subtitle…”Going Beyond the Pail”. I’m hoping you know what cow tipping is… it’s an actual pastime of bored people in Wisconsin! This is not a joke…I think it would be a great title for a follow-up book to your “Purple Cow”. Let me know what you think of this idea when you have a chance.

PS we just hit #8 on the NY Times bestseller list.