Maybe you should change your name

Okay, so 55% of searches are done with Google. And most people no longer use the phone book.

The bad news is that just about everyone is quite bad at searching (did you know that one of the 100 most popular searches at Yahoo is “Yahoo”?)

What this means is that when you launch a product, people are going to go to google, type in its name and expect to find it. What it also means is that when people want to find YOU they’re going to go to google and try to find you.

Apple, who should know better, recently launched Keynote a worthy replacement for Powerpoint. But just try to find information on it in google. If you type in “keynote”, you get a mess. If you type in “Apple keynote” you get tons of articles about Steve Jobs.

Owning a great domain is no longer the game. The way to win is to have a unique name, one that shows up early and often when someone searches for you.

Thanks, mom, for not naming me Scott.