Time to start milking the cow (part 2)

Simon from the UK writes to me about the change in marketing and product development for the Smart car, a remarkable Cow that’s making a big splash in Europe. It’s a truly tiny car, one that has influenced a whole generation of cars.

Apparently, Simon writes, Mercedes is going to average the car out, making it more appealing to the masses. He and I agree that it’s way too early for that. There are plenty of average cars to choose from—it’s not clear why consumers will choose the newly average Smart ahead of lots of other, more proven average cars.

Remarkable is where you find it

Another JetBlue thought: Have you noticed how the audio experience changes the way you feel at the airport?

In a crowded terminal, when the folks making gate announcements start yelling or talking fast or acting panicked about a full flight, it makes everybody uptight. Even the little computerized voice that tells you which gate agent to talk to sounds a little annoyed.

What if the airlines realized that the product that they sell isn’t the plane, it’s the idea of a safe and comfortable (maybe even fun) trip. What if every announcement was pre-recorded by Clint Eastwood or J. Lo? Or if all the flight announcements were as funny as the one I heard today (your snacks are being handed out by Tom, who’s single and looking for love. Hey, if you marry him, you can fly free!) Even simpler, what if every announcement was calm, slow and easy to understand? That’s free, but it’s worth noticing.

Dutch Boy reinvented the paint can. JetBlue could reinvent what you hear when you travel.