Time to stop milking the cow?

Jet Blue, part 2: I wrote a lot of nice things about Jet Blue in Purple Cow. The idea of combining remarkable pricing with great planes, amazing people, an amazing attitude and a sense of humor is something that is irresistibly spreadable.

Today, I flew Jet Blue to Florida to give a talk. The good news (for them) is that the plane was full. The bad news is that everywhere I looked, there was a lot of cow milking going on.

The person who issued me my ticket shook her head and said, “no way I can get you an exit row an hour before the flight.” Of course, she was right, but in the old days, they would have said, “I’ll do my best!” Same outcome, but a different attitude matters so much.

Walking down the jetway, I heard two flight attendants whining about uniform allocations, just like you might hear on a ‘real’ airline.

Jet Blue is flying more people and more flights than ever. They have every temptation to milk the cow while the milking is good. But I wonder if they’re rushing it.