Spam of the Week

Here, verbatim, is the first paragraph of a piece of spam I received today:

“tampers etude brained maternity bowdlerizes humanitarian microprograms
matronly exemplary expressive schooling accuse criticized plumb cower
countries imbecile accusal imagen boastings evaporation acquaintance
counterargument exploitations crimes illegal exerts coup teacher
existentialism $RANDO MIZE brakeman ideally adaptable plumes terror terrier
plump adumbrate hypothetical anatole cowerers pragmatics ponds boon
mechanical exponents popularizes criminals membership brazilian mental
melanoma poplar telemetry mightily brains tags scimitar admirable couched
$RANDOM IZE betsy mediate mens seaweed bhutan croupier poked microfilms
tapers criminally excresence mechanized antony berkeley evaporate
telekinesis mazes arcturus scrambling cow corresponding”

Now, if the sender’s only goal is to get past a filter, she succeeded. But other than annoying us, what’s the point. If you want more, feel free to visit: Spam fan club.

This whole thing is getting out of hand.