At least they’re not Procrastinators

I’m fascinated by Meetup, but I just want to say that this link is for a meeting that’s telegraphing a punchline: International Anarchy Meetup Day.

Borscht belt jokes aside (do the anti-social people have a meetup as well?) Scott’s insight about the power of viral marketing is astonishing. Meetup is growing faster every day, fueled by the tell-a-friend motive that is 100% based on selfish needs. In other words, people tell other people because it’s good for THEM, not for meetup.

Is there a business out there that can’t learn from their success? Don’t think so. (Is there a naysayers meetup?…)

PS rereading this, it occurs to me that my anarchist readers will be annoyed with me for not realizing that anarchy is a valid political movement, and that anarchists are quite entitled to organize meetings. Gotcha.