Messages (and messengers)

Debbie Weil sent me a note about AudioGenerator. It’s a neat idea (see my post on this) but I have to tell you, the site totally put me off.

The co-founder of the company is using every single direct mail/direct marketing trick in the book (the ps, the multiple links, the testimonials, the exclamation points, the user photos) and he’s doing it so much that all I can ask myself is, “what’s the scam?”

There’s a very viral, very compelling technology at work here, but you wouldn’t know it from the website. We need to remember that on the web more than anywhere else, first impressions are all that matter, because you don’t get a second chance. By choosing the vernacular of the last-ditch, business opportunity direct marketer, he’s missed his chance to be the Google/Yahoo/Shockwave/Amazon of audio on the web.