Yet another idea worth stealing

Alas, it’s not mine.

Howie Jacobson is awfully smart. And sometimes, he hits a home run.

The short version:

“When I start marketing a product, I naturally start by talking to myself.  I write sales copy that appeals to my values. I argue the price/value question in ways that I find convincing.  I use layouts and pictures that affect me. 

Bad Howie.

Unless my market is very much like me (which rarely happens, believe me), I’m going to fail.  

I’m speaking Gorilla-ish to Dogs.  To me, I’m saying “Buy my stuff,” but they hear, “Run away! I’m a Dork.”

I’m not going to succeed in teaching my prospects Howie-lish.  If I want to communicate with them, I have to learn their language. “

The whole thing: The Motivated Marketing Letter