2 new seminars!

Write down the dates (or not, because, of course, you can always look them up here…)

January 8–for non profits
January 28–for everyone

You can see some testimonials about my seminars here:
Purple Cow by Seth Godin: Workshops

I don’t do consulting, and there’s no sales pitch here–I’ve got nothing more to sell you. The goal of the seminar is to put you in a room with like-minded people and to really push to create practical breakthroughs that you can turn into action.

The seminars have the following structure:
10 to 12:30–I summarize my thinking on how ideas spread, on permission and on Purple Cows.
During lunch, we do a lot of one on one interactions
1:15 to 3–We take turns reviewing your website, your mission, your marketing message, etc. No holds barred. Really and truly.
3 to 4:30–I talk about my new book (out in May) and we go even deeper into your particular issues.

The goal is that by the end you’ve got the same tools I do, so you can analyze your own organization without my help.

At the first seminar, on the 8th of January, I’ll be running a non-profits only seminar in my office in Dobbs Ferry, NY (about 40 minutes from NYC). This seminar is free and there are only 33 seats available. If you run or have a great deal of influence at a non-profit organization, I’m inviting you to come spend the day in my loft. Because it’s free, you sort of need to apply by sending me a note. Write to sethgodin@yahoo.com and use the word TRANSFORM in your subject line. Click here for mail. Tell me what you do and how this might help you. I apologize in advance if I can’t fit in everyone. It’s nothing personal!

At the second seminar, on the 28th of January, we’ll also convene in my office. This event costs $1,000. You can bring a co-worker at no charge. There’s a 100% money back guarantee… if you don’t think it was worth it, just ask and I’ll refund your money. (This is have never happened before, by the way). If you’d like to come to this one, write to me at sethgodin@yahoo.com and use the word PRACTICAL in your subject line. Click here for mail It’ll probably sell out, so you should hurry.

When you write to me, I’ll probably send you a link to an infoblog that will answer most of your questions.