How to get a Purple job

this just in (names changed):

Mr. Godin,

I am writing to share a “remarkable” Purple Cow success. Several months ago
I was laid off. Although my job search process was very good (i.e. ordinary)
it was not achieving the desired results. After hearing you speak in
Atlanta I realized I needed to create a “Purple Cow.” My first step was to choose
the company I wanted to work for and develop a strategy for creating my unique
cow. During the due diligence, I found a blank greeting card that simple
stated “Dare To Be Remarkable.” Bill Wilson was gracious enough to provide me
with a signed copy of your book (as I couldn’t part with mine – you signed it
outside of 103 West), and the process began. I sent the attached letter,
with resume, and a hand written note using the greeting card to my potential

Within a week, the first phone interview. At this time he hadn’t read “
Purple Cow” but appreciated the creative approach. During the next interview, we
met face to face. His copy of the book had notes everywhere! The entire
interview was predicated on your book. We incorporated our discussion of my
qualifications into our discussion of your remarkable book.

When he called to offer me the job, he shared with me he was having a sales
meeting and there was required reading – he had purchased 25 copies of “Purple

Thanks to your book, I have found a unique way to communicate with others.
In addition, I have developed a highly effective “Purple Cow” elevator speech.

In recapping your book, those on the other side of the desk lean forward as
I describe to them the essence of your remarkable work.

Furthermore, “Purple Cow” is contagious. By my recommendation, my brother
read it and distributed it to his entire management team. A friend read it and
has given at least 8 copies to colleagues and prospects. I have shared my
approach with other friends in the job market, and it is working for them, too.
Through both physical distribution and recommendation of your book it is in
the hands of many top organizations. To name a few: BP Amoco, Gold’s Gym,
Pierre Foods, Maritz, Inc., a former CEO and current Senatorial candidate,
Starbucks, and many more….

Thank you for helping me help others create their own “Purple Cows” and earn
a position with a Global 50 company.


Tom Jacobs

I hesitated to post this, but I figure you’ll undestand I did it to inspire, not to take credit! Seth